Kviberg Park Hotel offers hotel rooms in connection with the arena. Booking via

Prioritet Serneke Arena, 2-4 Krutvägen, 415 28 Kviberg, Sweden

September 25-26
Price: 865 kr/person including:

September 26-27
Price: 550 kr/person including

  • 1 bed in a 4 bed-room,
  • 1 breakfast Sep 27

Single room: + 500 kr/night
Double room: +200 kr/person/night

Escapesport explains that they can not guarantee a room if you book after August 20th.


Flights are available to Landvetter Airport in Gothenburg.

There is a 25 minutes drive to the arena. If you want transportation, please contact
and they will try and coordinate drivers to the arena.

Other alternatives are :


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