Information about the tournament

Dear Presidents of National Organizations, Country Representatives, Branch Chiefs and Club Leaders

On behalf of the Swedish Karate Kyokushinkai and Organizing Committee we have the honor to invite you to the Swedish Open – 2016 for Adults, September 24:th, Gothenburg, Sweden.


The Swedish Open will take place at Lisebergshallen, Gothenburg (Örgrytevägen 5, Göteborg,–show/Lisebergshallen/ )

Weight categories and number of participants

A maximum of 16 participants per weight category


Lightweight -70 kg

Middleweight -80 kg

Heavyweight +80 kg

Protection Men

Groin protection

Mouth protection (optional)


Lightweight -65 kg

Heavyweight +65 kg

Protection Women

Breast protection (only the cup type is allowed)

Shin protection

Mouth protection (optional)

Groin protection

Preliminary schedule

23.09.2016 Friday:

Lisebergshallen “Pink Room”/ ”Rosa rummet”

18.00-21.00 Medical check, registration, sewing kit and photo session


24.09.2016 Saturday:

08.00     Arena is open to fighters and coaches

10.00     Delivery of drawing list

10.30     Referee meeting

11.00     Doors open to public

11.00     Gathering, last check and information

11.45     Short information of fighters and referees

12.00     Tournament starts, first rounds

14.00     Official start, Quarter finals and yearly intl.Kata competition

Sweden vs. Denmark

16.00     Tamashiwari

16.30     Semifinals and finals

18.00     Price ceremony

20.00     Sayonara Party with buffé and mingle


During medical check you can borrow a sewing kit to sew the number tag on to your gi. Also, two photos will be taken of each fighter.

Only fighters, referees and one coach per team attends for free to the tournament and the Sayonara Party. Others can buy tickets at the arena and to the Sayonara Party. Arena tickets is 100 Sek for juniors (under 18 years) and 200 Sek for adults. Sayonara Party is for adults only and the price is 200 Sek (or €20).

On Saturday 24:th we want you to be at the arena at 10.30 at the latest. The drawing list will be delivered at 10.00. There is one fighting area and all categories will be involved via a rolling system. Kindly co-operate with our team to make sure that you are on time to your game. There will be no fight for third prize.

Saturday evening 24:th there will be a Sayonara Party. We kindly ask you not to wear training clothes for the party

Accommodation, flight tickets, transportation and meals for all participants shall be covered by National Organizations, clubs or by participants themselves.


The following hotels are recommended. They are all close to the Lisebergshallen and are in different price ranges.

It is also possible to stay at one of the dojos in Gothenburg. If that is the case you should bring your own sleeping bag. Contact info to the dojos below;

Banzai Kyokushin Karate                       Sms: +46-(0)705-231 154

Keiko Karate                                   Tph:  +46-(0)725-215 415

Göteborgs Karate Kai   Tph:  +46-(0)31-424 304


Flights are available to Landvetter Airport in Gothenburg.

Transfers from Landvetter Airport to Göteborg is organized by the competitor/visitor. Transfer buses from airport to Göteborg is normally every 10 minutes. Please see

Registration and contacts

Registration for tournament is open until Friday the 2:nd of September at

For further contact please e-mail to

We wish you all the best during your preparation for the Swedish Open 2016.


For the organizing committee
Hans Biéth
Chairman of The Swedish Karate Kyokushinkai

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