Categories & Rules


There are five weight categories with a maximum of 16 participants
Lightweight -70 kg
Middleweight -80 kg
Heavyweight +80 kg

Lightweight -65 kg
Heavyweight +65 kg


Kumite according to EKO rules (2007-2010) with these exceptions.
Tameshiwari will be done before semi-final (best 4) for men in two ways; Seiken and Sokuto
There is no Tameshiwari for women.

The duration of a match for both men and women: 3 minuts – 2 minuts – 2 minuts – scale – tameshiwari – 2 minutes. Weight difference in case of a draw.

Protection Men
Groin protection
Mouth protection (optional)

Protection Women
Breast protection (only the cup type is allowed)
Shin protection
Mouth protection (optional)
Groin protection


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